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Meditation For Non-Meditators: A (Forever) Beginner’s Guide

The 1st of the Meditation for Non-Meditators book series. Created and authored by Tina Foster.
Meditation Guide cover, "Meditation for Non-Meditators: A (Forever) Beginner's Guide

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Brief introduction  + 3 Guided Meditations to try: Messy Soup, Showgirl Thoughts, Most of a Minute Meditation

Beautiful, abstract watercolor illustrations

Contains “tweetables” (text you can instantly tweet with a single click and then keep reading) 

Published July, 2013 / 17 Pages / Designed & Illustrated by Rachel Vrana

  • A meditation guide that’s an essential resource for solo practitioners – as well as for teachers, coaches, therapists– anyone who guides others in meditation.
  • Gift a copy to someone you love. 


Kat Mikic“holy sh*t balls you’ve nailed it…for the first time in my life I do not feel guilty for not being able to meditate and calm my mind! This is BRILLIANT!!!”
—Kat Mikic, Online Content Strategist

Ralph de la Rosa“Tina writes with such great acceptance for the natural obstacles that come with the terrain of working with the mind. I’m particularly struck by her unique and creative naming of the experience.”—Ralph de la Rosa, Creator of the mindfulness Sessions

Released in July 2013 and given away to 1000s of people. Complemented by imitation right out of the publishing gate. Praised by new beginners, forever beginners and even a few (former) skeptics.

shaunabrandes“It’s accessible, easy to understand, light & airy in instruction. Won’t leave a newbie feeling overwhelmed. The language cuts through strict tradition, dogma, religious structure and any new age woo woo.”
—Shauna Brandes, Birth Doula, Restorative Yoga Instructor,

LindaChaousis“My first reaction was WOW!! What great presentation. Then, the topics are so accessible to us who are either starting or contemplating meditation.”
—Linda Chaousis, Coach, Writer, Speaker

 Buy this book for only $4.99 

This book guides you into the heart of your natural meditative self, hands you some tools and frees you to do what you’re hardwired to do — meditate so your mind and body can rejuvenate.
After just a few pages, you’ll be ready to close your eyes and get started. Just like that. Exploring– for the very first time or the millionth.
Amazing inner adventures await you!



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