Meditation Book Series

Meditation For Non-Meditators Book Series

A series of ongoing Guided Meditation books and a Companion to Meditation. Created and Authored by Tina Foster.
Titles in this Meditation Book Series as of Fall, 2014:
Untitled design-13A meditation book series that’s modern, intelligent, fun, beautiful and easy to use.

Beginners. With these books by your side, you’ll learn to meditate in a way that’s instinctive to you, using your passion, curiosity and a sense of open adventure.

The approach is exploratory rather than result-driven.

You will notice results, though.

All the great things you hear about meditation? They’re true.

And people who’ve been at it awhile…. especially those of you who like to travel light and appreciate frequent costume-changes, you’ll treat yourself to imagining, thinking and talking about meditation in a way that might be kind of new. The theorist in you will greet familiar concepts that have had a bit of a makeover. The practitioner in you will travel a lot of the same routes but maybe in a different vehicle or wearing a different shade of sunglasses.

The books are Handy Helpers for solo practitioners at all levels– as well as for teachers, coaches, therapists–anyone who guides others in meditation. Brings the inner world of meditation to life in simple, visual language.
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